After that, you will definitely become a professional detective.

Detectives – seperate love serialomanov. It’s so great when you can plunge into the present investigation not for a wretched hour and a half, but as much as twenty hours. Agree? Catch a selection of the best detective series for every taste – from dramas, seasoned with tragic finals, to comedies with police jokes and procedures, where each series is like a separate film.

“Secret materials”

Year : 1994

What : “The X-Files” appeared on screens more than twenty years ago and were broadcast until 2002, and recently returned again: the writers presented us with two new seasons with matured and such favorite actors. The main characters – Mulder Fox and Dana Scully – work with the FBI and investigate mysterious cases that are always somehow connected with something supernatural.

“Science can only explain how, but not why.”

Twin Peaks

Year : 1990

What : Another detective drama from the 90s, this time from the great and terrible David Lynch. In a small town surrounded by pines, the body of seventeen-year-old Laura Palmer is found. And for two seasons, the inhabitants of the town will be perplexed and ask each other a question that has already become a real aphorism: “who killed Laura Palmer?”

“February 23. Today I will die. “


Year : 2009

What : Well-known writer Richard Castle is releasing another detective, the public is delighted, the media is full of laudatory reviews … However, the joy of the release of the new book gives way to panic, when some obsessive fan begins to repeat the murders from detective Castle in real life. The writer meets charming Kate Beckett, a local police detective, and together they begin to investigate the matter.

“If you killed someone, would you tell me?” – Of course. To help you hide the body.

“Brooklyn 9-9”

Year : 2013

What : Awesome screenwriting find: turn the detective series into a comedy. Series for 20 minutes, which just will not let you get bored thanks to the great jokes, funny situations and, of course, interesting investigations. Plunge into the atmosphere of the never-depressed police station and cut a couple of cases with the heroes. Well, let them not hear your clues – but to build your own theories and try to guess the outcome is so interesting!

“Oh my God! If I die, post my tweets in a book! ”


Year : 2015

What : Do you remember the end of the 90s slasher “Scream”? Fun fact: starring your beloved EfPi from “Riverdale”, father of Jagah, a.ka Skit Ulrich. So, a couple of years ago this slasher was adapted and turned into a series. Heroes, events, scene – changed everything, except for the main villain, who chases his victims in the same famous creepy mask. And in the series, the villain uses modern technology and terrorizes a company of teenagers with the help of social networks and phone calls.

“Although I love good horror films, but in life everything is much worse.”

“Veronica Mars”

Year : 2004

What : a zero detective series “Veronica Mars” tells about a teenage girl who helps her father-detective in his investigations. Yes, yes, someone goes to a cafe after school, someone runs for a walk with friends, but Veronika goes to the office with his father in order to unravel a new matter as quickly as possible. Cool noir, the problems of fathers and children, and also (as a bonus) – the full-length film-continued after 10 years. Do not get bored!

“Sometimes luck doesn’t knock on the door. She is just waiting for everyone to leave for lunch. ”

“Without a trace”

Year : 2002

What : “Without a trace” – an American detective series about a special unit that is looking for missing people. By the way, he has the Russian adaptation of the same name, and it is very good. True, her ratings let us down, so there is only one season. In the original, there are seven of them. In any case, it’s worth a look, especially if you like drama: you can come out a year ahead, although there are also positive finals.

– You are not tired of thinking about people bad? – I’m tired of being right.

“How to avoid punishment for murder”

Year : 2014

What : Detective law series about a group of students who dream of becoming cool lawyers. They dreamed of dreaming, only in the very first series they had to apply the knowledge obtained at the law school in order to save their own skins – a dead body was in the hands of the unfortunates. How did it happen? Who is behind all this? And can the guys really escape punishment for murder?

– She needs a psychologist. “We all need him.”

“Black list”

Year : 2013

What : Unusual detective, where the main role is not a cool cop, but a fugitive offender. He was a former FBI agent and was on the run for a long, long time, but suddenly … he decided to give up. Himself. Why did he do that? What was his motive? Conscience spoke? Or is this his next smart plan? Be careful: this series will delay you for a long time, so make sure that there are no particularly important cases ahead.

“Children to whom the world is cruel are born to save him.”


Year : 2010

About : Yes, yes, you probably watched “Sherlock”, but how can we not include it in the list of cool detectives? And if suddenly you haven’t reached it yet, we advise you to quit now and immediately turn on the first series 🙂 For old fans, we also have a life hack: read the original (stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) in anticipation of the new season, their very bad a lot, and the writers are still engaged in the adaptation of only the most famous. So you have a chance to overtake Moffat!

“Anderson, do not speak out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street!”

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