There are more mysterious places on our planet than you think.

Our world is full of contrasts. Along with the New York skyscrapers on the planet focus amazing places created by nature itself. Often, anomalous locations, even though they have their own legend, are frightened by the lack of knowledge and the number of unsolved secrets. We made a list of the ten most abnormal places in the world – it will be interesting.

1. Chinese Waterfall in Shaanxi Province

Waterfall takes temperature in a special way. For unknown reasons, in the winter at -30 it does not freeze. But once in 25 years, it is covered with a layer of ice in the middle of summer. This natural mystery remains unsolved to this day.

2. Patomsky crater in Russia

The crater is located in the Irkutsk region, but it worries not only local residents, but also famous geographers. For fifty years, expeditions have come here, during which they are trying to figure out the way it was formed. Now allow only two options: unusual magmatic processes or the fall of a meteorite.

The crater looks also non-trivial – similar to a kind of ring with a huge cone of rocks.

3. Medveditskaya ridge

Another anomalous place in Russia, about which you may not even suspect. The oval chain of small hills is located in the Volgograd region. There is a version that the ridge is located on a tectonic fault, which is why there are often mysterious natural phenomena. By the way, under the ground, tunnels are stretched, and above it are trees with twisted trunks.

4. Arkaim

Who would know that in the territory of immense Russia there are so many places with a mysterious history! Arkaim is an ancient city in the Chelyabinsk region. According to legends, ancient arches lived here, and now  anyone can come here to try to heal any disease. Allegedly, all visitors to this place acquire a new meaning of life and are cured.


5. Chavinda

Mexicans believe that it is at this point that there is a passage to a parallel dimension. 29 years ago, as local residents say, an anomalous event was recorded in Chavinda. During the search for the treasure, the men noticed a rider descending from the mountain at an unknown speed. And the next day, all the cars, parked close, turned out to be broken.


6. Skeleton Coast

The name speaks for itself. The landmark was named because parts of old and modern ships are scattered along the coast. The “soil” in this area is favorable for shipwrecks: fogs, fast currents, huge boulders. There are pluses at the coast too – it was chosen by sea mammals. So if you are in Namibia, do not forget to get to the shore of the skeletons.

Here you will be allowed to stroke the fur seals;)

7. Castle of Frangokastello

In Greece, the birthplace of myths, one can observe the only chronomirages in the world. Near the castle of Frangokastello in Crete in the middle of summer, tourists and locals can see in the fog the outlines of a major battle of ancient warriors. Wow!


8. Jutinga Valley

In the last summer days in India restless. Birds fly into a mountainous valley of Jating in an intoxicated state. They fly low enough so that the locals manage to knock them down with sticks, and if they catch birds on the ground, in this case they will not make any attempts to escape. Scientists have no excuse for such behavior, but the locals know for sure: gods from above serve easy prey to people.

9. Dell Black Bam

Probably, you have already guessed that we are talking about China. It is said that accidents constantly happen here and people disappear. In the past century, an entire expeditionary group disappeared there and the plane crashed without any prerequisites. According to eyewitnesses, people and cars disappear here with the fog. It is believed that here is another portal to other dimensions.

10. Czech catacombs

They resemble a real haunted house. The inhabitants of Jihlava and the scholars who visited there noticed the sounds of organ music coming from the depths. Psychologists did not find traces of mass hallucinations, that is, it was all for real. And the staircase is also remarkable – it glows, although there is not even a hint of phosphorus in its composition

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