Megan Markle unexpectedly appeared at a charity match in London

the Duke and Duchess of Sussex watched a basketball game together and looked very happy. And one amazing meeting touched Megan so much that she couldn’t find the words.

Duchess Megan is still officially on maternity leave, preferring to spend most of her time with baby Archie, who will be 2 months old in a week. Since the birth of her first child, she appeared only at one event – the Trooping The Color parade. No other outlets for the near future were announced to the spouse of Prince Harry. But Megan decided to make a surprise to his fans, appearing last night at a charity match in London, which was held in support of the Invictus Games foundation. Her husband, of course, was with her.


Fans immediately noted that Megan looked great – she could see with her naked eye how much she lost weight after giving birth. For the release of the black dress duchess chosen from Stella McCartney and black suede ballerinas Aquazzura Deneuve  Prince Harry appeared in his favorite polo shirt with the logo of Invictus Games.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees met at a charity basketball game. Before the start of the sports competition, the Sussex couple visited the dressing rooms of both teams, where they talked to the players. One meeting made a special impression on Megan Markle.

Flour Betts, who plays for the Boston Red Sox, admitted to the Duchess of Sussex that he is her distant relative. According to him, their common ancestors once lived in the same part of Alabama. Muki was just about to tell Megan the details of how the duchess herself interrupted him, wrapping the athlete in an embrace from overwhelmed her feelings.


Muki himself was greatly embarrassed by this turn of events. Being in the arms of the Duchess of Sussex, he muttered something like: “So in a way we are a family …”. Prince Harry saved the situation by turning everything into a joke. “Well,” he said with a smile to the other players. “Who else wants to admit that we are a family?” Everyone laughed and the conversation continued in a relaxed manner.


Despite the fact that nobody knew about the Sussex plans to attend the Saturday match together, the players of both teams prepared for the meeting with them. They presented special gifts for baby Archie – a few souvenirs and a charming mini T-shirt and a body with the name of the first-born Sussex.


Heading to the stands, Megan and Harry turned their attention to a little girl who was crying in her mother’s arms. The baby’s name was Rafaella, and she was only nine months old. Her mother, Bianca Rainbow-Jones, later told reporters that the Sussex confessed to her that they understood her perfectly. Harry added that they themselves had just experienced another sleepless night


After that, Harry and Megan took their places in the stands next to the rest of the members of Invictus Games. The Sussex enthusiastically watched the match, sometimes exchanging comments and loving looks.

It is not yet known whether we will see Megan again in public this summer. Perhaps she wants to visit the Wimbledon tournament that starts the other day to support her friend, Serena Williams.



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