9 films that need to watch up to 30 years

We have selected 9 good films that will allow us to look at the world from a different point of view, and sometimes completely turn the mind. Anyone who has not yet seen them, we advise you to add them to your shortlist.

In fact, there are no films with the viewing of which it is possible to be late, and it is certainly never too late to reconsider and discover something new for yourself, but it is commonly believed that it is the thirty-year anniversary – a kind of transition from youth to maturity. Naturally, every person fits this line with his own baggage of knowledge, experience and impressions, and so that your baggage is not limited to well-known and, of course, beloved pictures, Marie Claire offers films that are worth seeing for the first time until thirty.

Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg

Many masters of cinematic art addressed the topic of the Holocaust. But it is the Schindler’s List, based on real events, that perhaps makes the whole horror of the concentration camps feel most strongly. The German businessman Schindler, although he is a member of the Nazi party, is not at all like his associates. In an attempt to rescue the unfortunate people who are contained in concentration camps in terrible conditions, day after day he redeems prisoners from a terrible conclusion. According to historical data, a total of Oscar Schindler saved about two thousand Jews.

“His Wife”, Michel Spinoza

Painting Michel Spinoza – melodrama with elements of mysticism. Gracie, a young Indian, after the wedding begins to suffer an unknown mental illness – it seems to her that the soul of the Frenchwoman Catherine (Charlotte Ginzbur), who died here in India from a drug overdose, moved into her. Gracie is refused by the best doctors, suggesting that her family should send the patient to a psychiatric hospital, which resembles a homeless shelter, much more. But it seems that she can still be helped, it remains only to persuade her husband Catherine to come to India – to take the soul of his wife to her homeland.

“99 francs”, Jan Kunen

Copywriter Octave (Jean Dujardin) is an ace in the advertising business, he knows that the world of the advertiser excludes any creativity for the sake of art, because the main task is to sell as much as possible of a wide variety of products, the quality of which is often completely inconsistent with the declared. The 24/7 mode, big money, professional cynicism and permissiveness doom the main character to exist in a surreal world where slogans and vivid pictures reign, which have nothing to do with real life. Reality was replaced by ideal houses, ideal products and ideal women, and therefore returning to the streets of not at all glossy Paris causes horror and disgust in Octave. How to combine two universes? How to learn this relationship without slogans and silicone beauties? Is it still possible to save the world (and himself) from the advertisement that swallowed it? All these questions are to be answered by the protagonist.

“Fall in love with me if you dare,” Ian Samuel

French surrealism combined with pragmatic naturalism. The whole life of the main characters has long been turned into a game, where the main prize is always a tin box from under the cookies, which the characters pass to each other for performing sometimes absurd tasks. The problem is that the game becomes an integral part of the lives of both of them, forcing them to complicate the tasks each time. The last and most difficult thing turns out to be – rapidly falling in love with each other and easily falling out of love. But it seems that Julienne and Sophie cannot cope with this resourcefulness exercise.

“Eighth Day”, Jaco Van Dormel

Perhaps the most sentimental film of the Belgian director Van Dormel. This is the story of the friendship of the clerk Harry and Georges. Harry broke up with his wife, lost everything he had been working on for many years and completely forgotten how to see the beautiful in the most ordinary things. Georges spent his whole life in a boarding school for people with disabilities, he has Down syndrome, but he has a priceless gift – he can look at the world differently. A strange meeting of two absolute opposites will teach Harry to see all the colors of the world, and George to perceive reality as it is.

“Mr. Nobody”, Jaco Van Dormel

Nemo is the first man of the future. Thanks to his participation in an unusual experiment, he had a unique opportunity to live his life several times. Each turn of the plot depends only on himself. Random kiss – and he guarantees himself a happy fate with his beloved Anna. Forced delay and the plot will turn upside down, leaving Anna on the sidelines of Nemo’s life, and he will be the husband of a completely different woman, who is now destined to die in a car accident on their wedding night. He has the right to make mistakes, but maybe it is this mistake that will cost him happiness and serene old age.

“Last Kiss” by Gabriele Muccino

Not too famous in Russia, this film is not only a perfect depiction of a real Italy, but also a kind of instruction for life after thirty. Carlo is just “slightly in favor”, his life is capable of plunging him into madness with his monotony, and he doesn’t wait for anything except hateful work, his wife, still an unborn baby and endless painful longing. But one single meeting will change everything. She is a student, and life still seems to her an entertaining romantic story. Carlo seems that this blond girl is able to return to him the worthlessly spent youth. So what to choose – fleeting dream like love or familiar reality?

“A thousand times a good night”, Eric Poppe

The main character Rebecca is a military photographer who shoots in hot spots. Her whole life is an endless choice and throwing between her favorite business and her family. She witnesses the attack of bandits on a peaceful African village, removes suicide bombers for a terrorist act in Turkey, and at home her husband and two daughters, who are incredibly tired of constant suspense and fear for their beloved wife and mother, are waiting for her. Sooner or later, Rebecca will have to make a choice, and if at first it seems obvious, then as the plot unfolds, the events in the film (as in real life) will inevitably make adjustments to her plans.

“Only lovers will survive”, Jim Jarmusch

Subtle irony, impeccable sense of style and beauty. The story of two vampires who agreed not to drink modern blood, in order to avoid infection. She has been living in the east for a long time, he is in the deserted quarter of Detroit, but love a few hundred years long does not allow them to be at a distance for too long. They meet to listen to good music, to dance, to sip quality blood from their glasses and not to know anything about the world around them. But the adjusted life of vampire lovers in an instant will be destroyed by the suddenly appeared sister of the main character.

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